Week one at Stray FM

This morning you find me sat on the sofa, staring out of the window onto one the most beautiful Yorkshire villages, smug, relaxed and happy. My first week at Stray FM is complete and it has been brilliant. From Monday morning, being welcomed by the most excited team and showered with hugs and kisses, I knew this was going to be completely different. My schedule was full from the word go and was pretty much redundant by 9.30am on Monday, when I found myself in the car with an exec, scribbling down tag lines. But you know what, I love it, this is what it’s about.

I’d been out on 6 appointments by Wednesday, then spent Wednesday in York at Minster Fm with Tom Woods, their head of creative, taking execs through their lists and producing ideas and brilliant ways to help execs get into clients. I’ve missed this work, and love working along side someone you can bounce ideas off.


Then Thursday night I was whisked by mini over to Accrington for a meeting of great minds, infact it was a rather historical occasion in UKRD. The first time in house creatives had got together, we ate, we drank, we told our stories and we swore alot. We were even presented with personal messages from the CEO and PD of UKRD. It was fantastic. Friday saw the team at The Bee in Accrington, and Mr Mike Bersin, giving his presentation to a rather excited sales team

This isn’t going to happen at the click of a finger, it will be a long process, bringing together all the experience and ideas we’ve gained over the past 10 years, but what makes the job so joyous is the excitement of a team, they totally see the benefits of creative and creative led sell. It’s brilliant.

Oh, and I wrote a few scripts which sold straight away…now that was a rare occurrence years ago. Clients are raring to go and there is so much going on!

Week one. Done

Now to relax and enjoy the weekend 🙂