Spending everything you earn

It’s a bit of a problem yes, especially with me.

Yesterday I got my beautiful Virtual Assistant and partner in crime Girl Friday, to update my website and include links to all the projects I’ve been working on, go on then have a nose.

Well the problem is when you’re working for amazing companies you get to see all their products and despite writing for consumers to lure them in with your fabulous stuff, I fall straight into the trap. This is what I’ve bought to far.

From Duffle Coats UK I purchased this weekend bag, I needed a weekend bag, I was fed up wheeling my massive animal bag around. So I noticed these and they were reduced from £115! to £27.50 so I thought, fuck it I will have one of them, also it reminded me of a Ralph Lauren bag I’d seen in Austria, so I can have a kind of copy.

Next from Mammoth Supplements I saw this fat burning stuff, need to lose some weight, get a year supply of that in.

Graham and Green really tested me, amazing sumptuous furniture, and everyone has gone Graham and Green mad, luckily I didn’t buy this chest of draws at £399.

There you see, I can’t control myself. Luckily I didn’t purchase any coal to ship over to the UK through other global projects I’ve been working on, mind you it might be a money-maker if this winter is bad!

Charley x:)

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