Something for the festive season

Some of you probably don’t really want to think about that big jolly man in the red suit for the time being, but as a soldier of organisation, I like to tout my wares and get things sorted.

Last week we sent out a marketing email to hundreds of clients, giving them a nudge about the Festive Period and hoping that they will get organised and get their Christmas Stuff sorted before we close the office. The last thing anyone wants is a manic call on Christmas Eve or on Boxing day, especially me, as I will be on the slopes enjoying a well deserved glass of Gluhwein.

Anyway, my point is, let’s get sorted when it comes to content and copywriting.

If you’re thinking about changing content on your site or having some blogs to promote products and services over the Christmas period, it’s a good idea to think about them now, especially if you’re the one going to be writing them. If you don’t have the time and need someone else to take control, you know who to call 😉

It might not be web-based content you need, it might be something for print, leaflets or posters, or you might be throwing yourselves out there with big budgets and going to advertising campaigns on broadcast platforms.

We can work wonders with words.

Hopefully I’ve sewn a seed and it is something you’ll consider yourself or get the experts in, plus if you start now you will build up a great presents with web content on Google.

Yes, you’ll never be at the top for the word Christmas, but you can be clever and tailor it to your services, products and location think, “Christmas Trees Leicester”.

If you need any help or inspiration, Contact me!

A Write Charley



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