So, you wanna be a writer?

Do you think you have what it takes? I do, but I see the good in everyone (sorry not trying to be soppy). I believe that everyone could write and have ideas, of course they do. So, if you are thinking about writing as a career, what do you need? Where do you start?

Firstly, you need a good command of English spelling and grammar, this is a given. Secondly, what type of writing would you like to get into, there is such a huge amount of different writing styles, from novel-writing, to childrens books, to magazine articles, to online content to advertising copy. The range is endless and all command different earning potential.

Bid Writers, for instance, can start on average at around £50K per year. Where as those who are freelance may charge around £20 per hour.

Secondly, do you go for a permanent position with a company or go it alone as a freelancer?Both have their pros and cons, stability, regular income, your own boss and flexible hours.

Where do you start? 

I never set out to be a writer. I studied Theatre then did a masters in Radio Rroduction. I know I wanted to work in the radio industry, but the kind of work I wanted to do needed lots of experience and this holds for a lot of positions.

Firstly, if you believe you are good at what you do and enjoy it, get as much free experience as possible. Write a blog, post online, write magazine articles, write a review, writer newsletters or press releases. write a short story, get as much experience in a variety of styles as possible.

Then what?

If you are waiting for a permanent position to come around, which you will find on sites such as Creative Pool, Brand Republic and many creative agencies, you can spend your time doing a little freelance work, try sites such as,, and

Build up your experience, get good, find a niche and stick to it, although writers can adapt to a lot of styles, you can’t be everything to everyone and clients will appreciate that!

Charley x


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  1. Gabriella Deveraux

    Yes a writer’s life is a difficult one, but it can be very rewarding at times. I am having difficulty right now as I have been asked to be a writer for free per a website but they will pay me via a link for link so I have decided to take it that way I will be published in the “real world” in a “real magazine” vs. just my own independent books. Great article.


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