Radio Copywriting

A Write Charley worked for 5 1/2 years at some of the UKs biggest commercial radio companies.

Starting at Beacon Radio in the West Midlands for GCAP media and finishing at Heart 106 in the East Midlands with Global, which was taken over by Orion Media.

You can listen to a range of commercials written by A Write Charley below.

Bhandal Dental Practice owned a number of clinics across the country. A Write Charley pitched James Corden to voice the campaign, in a very natural way. His audio was based on answers to a range of questions and dental health. 

James Corden Bhandal NHS1

James Corden Bhandal Emergency 1

James Corden Bhandal Cosmetics 1

James Corden Bhandal NHS 2

James Corden Bhandal Emergency 2

James Corden Bhandal Cosmetics 2–  A Write Charley won ” Commercial of the Year 2010″ for this particular commercial.

The National Space Centre wanted something to stand out and promote a years worth of events. A Write Charley pitched David Tennant to the client, you can hear the results here. 

National Space Centre

National Space Centre Robots Alive

National Space Centre Summer

National Space Centre NASA

Twinlakes Theme Park is a popular destination for families, a very loyal client who allows some incredible ideas. 

Twinlakes Farmhouse of Fear– An audio piece made especially for a Theme Park Ride at Halloween

Jesters revenge Twinlakes

Leicestershire County Council wanted to encourage families to use the buses during the school holidays, as part of their days out and adventures. Based on their print campaign, A Write Charley created a range of characters that were brought to life through audio.






Join The Gang

 East Midlands Airport wanted to promote parking on site to start customers holidays and make the whole transition smooth.