New and exciting

I have a nice creative catch up with my self-employed colleague in arms Amy Cawson. This little lady originally designed my website, but come 2012, is having a face lift.

I went self-employed in April 2011 and have learnt so much about the business, about web development, about SEO and how Google works, so now I have to take all this knowledge and put it into a new site. There are some really exciting new projects in the pipeline, but at the moment I’m taking time thinking about designs of the new site.

I’ve been really busy writing for a huge variety of clients from Asbestos removers to car sellers, it gives you such a variety of work to get creative on, and you learn a lot about industry and clients, so it makes it very interest.

Jacob, my content writer has come on in leaps and bounds, which is good, still needs a little work but in no time he will be able to source and complete projects one his own without me looking over his work.

I can’t say it has been easy taking on an employee, because now rather than just think about myself and where the money is coming from, I have to ensure there is enough money to pay him his wages, then there is enough for me also to continue living my lavish lifestyle (it’s not lavish at all, in fact at the moment I am eating a microwave fisherman’s crumble) but it is important to ensure you are organised and have contacts with companies which might need a continual stream of content writing.

So there you have it, something big might be happening in the new year, can’t say too much for now, but we will see. So for now, let’s get started on the new site! So exciting!

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