I’ve been a little quiet

Why? Oh because life has been happening, work has been happening and its been incredibly busy.

If you recall I came to Juno Copywriting in January, was given a company to run, with no team, not background, just a great listing on Google for copywriting. 10 months down the line, the company has gone from strength to strength, to the point where I am hardly writing every day, which actually is causing a little problem, because I do love to write, hence pulling my finger out and updating my blogs.

In June Dave asked me to take on Project Management for Juno Media. Ok… despite no experience in this field at all, my work ethic, organisation and good relationships with clients and staff put me in good stead. I’m not going to lie, it is an incredibly stressful job, every day runs at 100mph and generally its about keeping everyone happy and making sure the projects are going through the mill. Despite saying this, Juno has had 2 of its most profitable months on record, we’ve launched a huge range of sites including:

Direct 4X4

Beers of Europe

Postmark Online

Ron Hill

Kids Party Shop

Ollie & Leila

Royal Arsenal

Athlete Store 

Alison At Home

and plenty more…. including the re brand and launch of our new site, which we’re really proud of. The plan is to respond to an active customer base and show that we are in terms of skill and quality, the same as a digital media agency you would find in London, yet we’re based in Nottingham and much more cost effective.

Writing wise, I’m considering a book and also looking at the BBC commissioning rounds, trying to get back into the radio writing that I originally set out to do, this kind of writing does float my boat, so watch this space


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