In the world of radio

I can’t actually believe it’s nearly been two years that I have been at Stray FM and what a journey it has been.

As Head of Creative I’ve been privy to numerous sales people coming and going, but as ever, as a team and station we’re constantly moving forward with the times.


Stray FMs commercial arm is now known as Stray 360, offering clients a 360 scope of solutions using Radio, Web, Social Media and Mobile Media to promote their brands. Our website has had an overhaul, which I got involved in, it looks better, is more intuitive and offers much more to users.

Our social media is incredible, with 15,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook. We run great campaigns that engage with users and offer fantastic results for the clients. Clients who had never previously used these platforms to promote themselves.

We’ve also launch a new station Stray Extra which is available on DAB. Every week night we offer an hour show, with local clients involved, as they are experts in their field. Stray Extra shows can be downloaded and listened to again…hopefully this will expand and become more popular. We’re doing really well currently, it will just grow and grow.

In the creative department, music is everyones favourites, whether its a fully sung jingle, or a piece of bespoke music, clients are going crazy for it, which funnily enough, tends to be the adverts that everyone remembers- Think R Whites Lemonade.

We recently managed to get Marcus Bentley (the voice of Big Brother) to voice a campaign for a client- YRC, we are over the moon with the finished results and it sounds fab on air.

So the plan for 2015? More music, more celeb voices, big concepts and campaigns, sorting out my showreel and voicing more ads 🙂