Hello 2013

Hello you! What a lovely surprise, well, it’s not a surprise really, as year follows year, but its nice, and its positive, and although when I say this I may curse myself, it’s a good positive start, with no dark moody patches…yet.

So, what does this year have in store for A Write Charley? Well as part of Juno Copywriting we’ve gone from strength to strength, have picked up some amazing clients, some new, some we’ve worked with before in other capacities, but all in all its very exciting.

One I am incredibly excited about, which I’ve probably mentioned before is Sturgess Group. I’m blogging for them currently about all matters motor, and will be test driving new cars for the female market, just call me the Stig, or maybe not the Stig, maybe something a little more female orientated, anyway I digress, but completely excited about this little number.


Secondly I’m going to write a book. I’ve been saying it for years, and thinking about how I can do it, but I feel I’ve got a little more research to do in terms of actually talking to published authors before I can sew my seeds across the internet, and yes it will be a digital publication firstly, hopefully some mad millionaire will pick it up and want to publish it.

Other than that, we’ve got a big project to complete in a couple of months which means all hands on deck for the team at Juno, then hopefully a bit more of that.

I’m hoping to be pro active in networking and getting involved in creative ventures in the area, I’ve already been asked to speak at a college in Leicester for their International Women’s Day which will be rather interesting.

So there you have it, 2013 is planned interspersed with some fun and frolics on the way 🙂

A Write Charley


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