Great content is the key

Yes, I know, sounds like a bit of a cliché but actually it really is and companies have the results to prove this. Ok, so since entering the word of web content writing, I have learnt a hell of a lot, especially how Google works and rates sites, to enable them to be on page one of the search engine. This isn’t because the company pays £1 Million a month on advertising, this is because of many elements that the “spiders” (not real spiders) check for when crawling through sites. Apparently Google has over 200 criteria for ranking a site and one of the biggest is the content.

SEO allows companies to use key words which they believe their customers would use to search for different products, services and information. These key words need to be neatly entwined into the content so that when a customer does search for “size 9 ladies heels” BAM, it’s there and your site ranks high.

As a writer there are lots of elements and tools you need. First your brain, put yourself in the customers shoes, what would you search for, what words would you use? Phrases? Spellings? All of these elements are important. Secondly don’t go whacking keywords into the content willy nilly, it still needs to read properly and be engaging and not full of shite that doesn’t make sense. To be honest if you are stupid enough to do this kind of thing on your website Google will throw you out, and you will be classed as SPAM.

Finally, linking internally and having external links to the site will help your ratings, but don’t bloody link every keyword or phrase, every page should have about 3/4 links in my estimation. Some companies want their pages to look clean so do use links.

It’s not all about content, but having professional content written by an SEO expert is definitely worth its weight in gold!

Charley x

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  1. Roland Hulme

    Great advice! Google are always updating their algorithms, so SEO techs can help you by knowing the tips and tricks to rank more highly – but at the end of the day good, relevant content that intelligently uses keywords will remain top-ranking whatever happens. Write for the person visiting the page, not whatever the latest SEO algorithms are. This will future-protect your content from becoming SEO obsolete – and that means your keyword ranking will build cumulatively; making your ranking more and more unassailable.


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