Getting back on track

It’s a difficult time of year for many businesses, the post festive lull, but now is the time to get motivated and get going once again. This stands true in the case of  A Write Charley.


This year, I’m hoping to move my site to a newer version, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Also I started to network again in January and met some really great people, so I’m hoping that will bring in some more contacts and get my name out there.

In terms of Juno Copywriting, I’ve taken a step back from running the web site of the business to concentrate on really building the copywriting and creative side of the business. I’ve got so many ideas of where I want things to move and there may be a full media agency on the horizon, as I’m being inspired by lots of different people, businesses and ideas.

When it comes to the writing, I’m still penning for a range of businesses, currently working closely with retail, fashion, home wares, fitness, automotive, finance and many other sectors.

I’ve even been re inspired to take another look at advertising and copywriting, its definitely something I want to move back into as I’ve been asked to create a brand and some concepts for a client, and that is the type of work I really love doing. It really does use the great matter and its not about sitting in front of a PC all day long, it allows creative flow, taking seeds of ideas and growing them, yes this stuff I really love and enjoy sharing my knowledge with others, such as the work experience candidates I’ve had in the office for the last few weeks.

So, I’m trying to have a very positive and creative outlook at the moment, lets see where it takes us.

A Write Charley


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