Getting back into it

I’ve now been at Stray FM for nearly 3 months, and what a whirlwind its been

I’ve been praised for my work, which is wonderful, and are moving forward with creative within the team.

Of course, I’ve fallen back into the old routine of radio, it never left me! Along with that comes responsibility, due to the fact that this is a brand new position. The current team have never had on site creative s, that they can use, take out to clients, talk about music and so on. So, its been a learning curve and a steep one at that. What I love about UKRD is that really, you have free reign to try things out. If they don’t work, try something else out.

So, aside from the Radio copy writing, I’ve been teaching the team all about how we can work with Audio to provide our clients with and incredible service they would not find elsewhere.

Non Broadcast Audio is an area which I really love. Creating pieces which are consumed on a much more personal level. Where creatively you can go a bit mad, because really you don’t have any time constraints and you can really push the boundaries of sound and so on.

Hopefully it’s inspired the team to think in a very different way.

It is hard to get people to appreciate the power of creative some times, but actually, ideas is what makes the world turn round. But we’re getting there, it was never going to be an instant, YES WE’VE DONE IT! And that doesn’t just go for team members, but for clients as well.

Saying that, we’ve had some real corkers, where clients have been so impressed with the ideas, they’ve purchased 5 out of 8. Now that’s they kind of way I like it to go!

There is a lot to work with, and its exciting times.

Onwards and upwards with creative!

Charley x