Freelancing and the Festive period

Now, this is a difficult, like most freelancers no work equals no pay, so what do we do over the Christmas period?

I have been so lucky to be incredibly busy but now it’s getting to the point where I need a break otherwise I may go writing mad. Companies still need to trade and have presence, which I understand, so today the team at A Write Charley have been working hard, racking up the work so we can simply upload content over the festive period,  this makes more sense than sitting for hours and writing whilst the family enjoy hours of television and booze.

This isn't me, just a good pic

So, there is the plan, not sure how smoothly it will go, but by today’s standards it will be great, then I will be free to relax, engage, visit and enjoy the festive period!

Ironically enough the time between Christmas and new year can be the busiest so I’m sure I will  be receiving calls from companies wanting to change content to fall in line with sales and discounts, that is not a problem, I have my laptop, I have my brain, I will be ready for action, can I just grab a mug of mulled wine and I’ll be right with you!

In essence it’s all about being organised and providing that kind of flexibility, after all, when everyone else has eaten too much and fallen asleep, if I’m at a loose end, why not whack out the laptop and make some money? In that respect, being freelance is great and you can slot things in to fall in line with your life.

So here is to a working/non working Christmas and a very exciting new year….

Merry Christmas!

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