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As I lie in my bed, like a modern-day Barbara Cartland with my laptop and ergonomic pillow, I’ve got to thinking about this blog. Originally I wrote it to accompany but now it seems to be more of a diary entry of me making a tit of myself at all opportune moments.

Anyway I get stats to look at which is rather exciting if you like stats, but it does tell me how many people read this in a day, where they clicked from and where what words they used to get to this point. Anyway I’m handing this over to you now, just as a matter of research, what makes a good blog? Why do you read my blog in particular? Is it because you know me and know I always have an odd story to tell, or is it an insight into a life you don’t know about? I would really like to know because I want to make this blog amazing and maybe win an award.

YES THATS IT, I JUST WANT ANOTHER AWARD it’s all a ruse to massage my ego.

But seriously, I love that you lot come day after day to read about my shenanigans. Long may it continue.

Now all I need is a small white dog and a man-servant….


Dame Charley Cartland.

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  1. blackwatertown

    Links on to other people and posts – so it’s not just a dead end – but a staging post on a voyage of discovery. (More clicky anyway.)


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