Copywriting for business

Tomorrow evening I will be leading a presentation at Antenna Nottingham, the creative hub for the city. Antenna provides a space for those starting out in the creative industry to meet and learn more about business skills, which are important when setting up a new company. Whether a sole trader or partnership, Antenna runs some […]

Things are growing

And for once it’s not me, in fact I’m shrinking, but that’s another story. I’m talking in terms of work. Its been an odd week, a good one, but despite losing an hour at the beginning and seemingly not able to catch up on it, it’s been an interesting 7 days. At the beginning of […]

So, you wanna be a writer?

Do you think you have what it takes? I do, but I see the good in everyone (sorry not trying to be soppy). I believe that everyone could write and have ideas, of course they do. So, if you are thinking about writing as a career, what do you need? Where do you start? Firstly, […]

New challenges

As a writer, you are always thrown new challenges, this can be an exciting prospect, although we can’t be everything to everyone and boasting you can do everything, isn’t the way to go. So, new challenges face the business, to some these may seem like simple little tasks and others may think that being a […]

Freelance Work

I like to share the wealth of knowledge of how I got up and running with my own business. Before, I have mentioned a range of freelance sites which enable freelancers to bid for work and raise their profile. Today I’m going to tell you about an online hub providing jobs for copywriters. […]

A Change to the programme

Many have been asking “where have you gone”, well let me put your mind to rest, I’m still here, under a different guise! A Write Charley is still running, but by the wonders of technology and human interaction you will be fed through an intricate wired system to Juno Copywriting. I’ve kindly been asked by […]

Time to relax?

The last blog has been penned, the word press sites are loaded and ready to go, the Christmas cards have been sent to clients and here we are, at 1.38pm on the eve of Christmas Eve with an aching back and a desire to have a break, but I will be honest, this job never […]