A week with Mike Bersin

I’ve been at the wonderful Stray FM now for 6 weeks and it’s flown by, so much so I feel like I’ve been here for years and luckily have been welcomed by an incredible team. So, what have I been up to? The situation here is that the company has never had creative in house, […]

Week one at Stray FM

This morning you find me sat on the sofa, staring out of the window onto one the most beautiful Yorkshire villages, smug, relaxed and happy. My first week at Stray FM is complete and it has been brilliant. From Monday morning, being welcomed by the most excited team and showered with hugs and kisses, I […]

All brand new

On Friday I leave the hustle and bustle of Nottingham city to up roots and plant them in North Yorkshire. It’s an incredibly exciting part of my life, and I can’t wait to get stuck in. Why am I moving up north? I’ve been recruited as Head of Creative for Stray FM in Harrogate. This […]


Last week a couple of things happened to me which made me realise I really could be missing a trick here. For a while I had known that I was going to be speaking to a school in Leicester regarding International Women’s Day. I was rather excited, curious and nervous regarding who I was talking […]

Getting back on track

It’s a difficult time of year for many businesses, the post festive lull, but now is the time to get motivated and get going once again. This stands true in the case of  A Write Charley. This year, I’m hoping to move my site to a newer version, so keep your eyes peeled for that! […]

Hello 2013

Hello you! What a lovely surprise, well, it’s not a surprise really, as year follows year, but its nice, and its positive, and although when I say this I may curse myself, it’s a good positive start, with no dark moody patches…yet. So, what does this year have in store for A Write Charley? Well […]

Looking towards the New Year

If I was asked to sum up 2012 in a word, I would probably say “interesting”, “challenging”, “educational”. Not necessarily bad words, but somewhere in the middle. It’s not been a bad year. A Write Charley has been running along side Juno Copywriting, which, in its first year has done very well. We have a […]