Avoid ruining your site rankings

I’ve decided to write this post based on something that happened a few weeks ago with a client.

The company had taken stock of their analytics and the hits seem to be falling, and falling fast. We delved a little deeper and tried to find out why people were not going through to the site. It seemed that pages, which were previously on page one, had dropped and some had disappeared completely.

So, we had to get right under skin, our SEO expert took at a look at copy from the site’s content pages and from blog posts.

Now, not only were we providing a constant stream of blog posts, but the client would also publish news ad hoc.

There seemed to be a pattern forming with the clients own blogs posts, so our SEO expert decided to copyscape them and hey-presto, we found the problem.

Unfortunately, the client had been copying and pasting other news into his blog posts. As we know, Google only likes unique relative content, which I seem to constantly harp on about, but the proof is in the pudding right here.

So, his site has taken a big hit. What now? We have to delete all the copied posts and fingers crossed, that big clear out should see him climbing the rankings again.

It takes time and patience to build a site and push it up onto page one for certain keywords and terms. The worst thing to do, not only in writing etiquette  but in terms of how Google works, is copy and paste other posts. It’s just not cricket.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to provide  blogs for your site, employ professional blog writers who can provide fresh, unique content on a daily basis. It is well worth the money and you’ll see your site stats increase as well as its position in search results.

A Write Charley

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  1. Gabriella Deveraux

    I understand the falling numbers perspective as I too have suffered from that as well, but I suffer due to traffic number just dwindling not content. However I wanted to comment on the issue of people copying your work. I rant about this quite often to partner, I think he gets rather tired of hearing about it. I have an enemy that does this quite often and as a writer it just irks the living daylights out of me. I don’t understand that if you are a writer you should not be stealing other writer’s ideas, thoughts, and or literally outright quoting them on your Facebook in the same manner and claiming it as your funny or “witty” thing that you said. I can’t tell you how annoying that can be. Anyways I look forward to more posts from you. Thanks for liking mine as well…


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