And what do you do?

I’m a writer. It always feels a bit weird saying that because in some instances you know exactly what it going to come next. ” Oh my god do you write books?” No sorry nothing as glamorous as that, and when you move onto tell them you write web content or blogs or articles they look slightly confused. I suppose the life of an average Joe is that you don’t always notice things, such as consuming text. You pop onto a website and read a bit of writing and hey presto, but you don’t realise that you’ve read something someone has written and has possibly been employed to do.

We consume over 3000 different brands a day, and that’s just brands from the can of Coke, to that lovely Audi you see driving along, to the weight watchers meal you eat for dinner. It’s all about the brand. So putting brands aside, how much text do you read? Bloody tonnes of the stuff, from the morning newspaper to the tweets and status updates on social media right through to that post it note the other half left on the fridge. It is incredible to think how much we consume text, and then there are people like myself who come up with ideas and ways of writing to make the average Joe interested in what we have to say, want to buy the product we’re selling, and wants to get involved with the particular company we’re promoting. For some its easy, for others its difficult, coming up with prose that not only looks good, reads well and inspires readers, but offers a sub text of clever placement of words which helps companies and their websites rise up through the ranks of search engines. This in simple terms is SEO the power that offers companies a chance to get to the top place if they do it right.

In essence, if your website has been sat doing nothing for years, or people are having a hard time trying to find it, it might need its content refreshing, using SEO and other clever little tricks to get more people to your site and contacting you. If that sounds like something you want to happen, drop me a line. 🙂


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