A week with Mike Bersin

I’ve been at the wonderful Stray FM now for 6 weeks and it’s flown by, so much so I feel like I’ve been here for years and luckily have been welcomed by an incredible team.

So, what have I been up to?

The situation here is that the company has never had creative in house, they have always outsourced, so as you can imagine my work here is plentiful, but very interesting and its nice to be the bar that sets the standard when it comes to bringing creative in house. Drawing on years of experience from different companies, I’ve managed, some how, to get a team of 7 very different execs, on my side. Which is fantastic and they really see the value of creative and how it works, specifically for clients.

This week Mr Mike Bersin came and spent some time with me, to make sure everything was going ok, I could work in a similar manner and increase creative.

I decided to set up a twitter account for the Stray creative team, which I think is a first for a radio station creative hub. It’s great, I get to praise clients and chat about ideas.

So, in essence it is all going very well, I am enjoying it immensely and feared I had lost it, but thank god I haven’t!