New and exciting

I have a nice creative catch up with my self-employed¬†colleague in arms Amy Cawson. This little lady originally designed my website, but come 2012, is having a face lift. I went self-employed in April 2011 and have learnt so much about the business, about web development, about SEO and how Google works, so now […]

Business as usual

It’s been a funny couple of weeks at A Write Charley. We’ve had our highs and lows, but I will admit things seem to be a little calmer and a lot steadier in terms of work. I’m finding new projects coming in all the time. So what have we been doing, who have we been […]

Writing a top blog

When you take stock of award-winning blogs, the first thing you may notice is that they are quite simple, and you would be right, because simple if brilliant. I’ve been doing some research into what makes a top blog, and for all those who get a bit way laid and go off on a bit […]

And what do you do?

I’m a writer. It always feels a bit weird saying that because in some instances you know exactly what it going to come next. ” Oh my god do you write books?” No sorry nothing as glamorous as that, and when you move onto tell them you write web content or blogs or articles they […]