When freelance work runs low.

It’s a terrifying prospect, especially if you’re an employer. I was quite happy to mull along previously and as luck would have it get into a good position again. But now I have the responsibility of an employee it requests a little more attention, and this is a learning curve. For the past week I’ve […]

The life of a Freelancer

I’m not going to lie, the life of a Freelancer is not what you imagine. We don’t all “do lunch” we don’t lounge around in bed a’ la Barbara Cartland, eating truffle chocolates and dictating prose to some wreck of an assistant. We don’t all drive range rovers and we don’t indulge ourselves in designer […]

The Power of networking

I haven’t been to a creative event for ages, in fact the last one I went to was probably in May, so I thought it would be a great idea to sign myself up to some creative meetings in and around the shire and the East Midlands. Today I travelled to Belper in Derbyshire for a Creative […]

Welcome our new writer.

It’s been a week and a half now since the new content writer started at A Write Charley, so I though it would be fun to ask him some questions and find out some more information about what makes him tick, welcome on the blog stage- Jacob! Hello people, my name is Jacob Samuel Christopher […]

It’s all about radio

  Yes, I’ve missed it, but in the creative department, and the excitement of pitching great ideas to clients. Now is the time for companies whatever size to decide about their christmas advertising campaigns. You may be incredibly organised and know what you’re doing and if radio is part of you campaign! Hello! It’s a […]

News from A Write Charley

Today has been a good day. Two weeks ago today should have happened, but due to an unfortunate incident it didn’t. What the hell am I blubbering on about. Well today a new employee started at A Write Charley, so I would like you to put your hands together for the newbie Jacob Christopher! Jake […]