Spending everything you earn

It’s a bit of a problem yes, especially with me. Yesterday I got my beautiful Virtual Assistant and partner in crime Girl Friday, to update my website and include links to all the projects I’ve been working on, go on then have a nose. Well the problem is when you’re working for amazing companies you […]

Do me a favour :)

As I lie in my bed, like a modern-day Barbara Cartland with my laptop and ergonomic pillow, I’ve got to thinking about this blog. Originally I wrote it to accompany www.awritecharley.com but now it seems to be more of a diary entry of me making a tit of myself at all opportune moments. Anyway I get stats […]

Trousers is a rude word

If you live in Victorian Britain, which most of us don’t. Interesting fact though, polite society didn’t mention the words “leg” or “trousers” which they called “southern necessity” which, if you ask me sounds a whole lot worse! So I will admit to you I’ve been watching Horrible Histories on CBBC, it’s not normal for me […]